Capture a stunning memory with the ‘wow’ factor at a Baby Splash underwater shoot.

We work together with professional photographers from Underwater Art to provide cutting-edge, professional aquatic photographs.

Photoshoots take place three times a year. To find details of the next session and for current pricing information, please visit

To reserve your place, please complete the photo shoot online booking form below. Book early to avoid disappointment.

How it works

Each child is allocated a time slot within a small group of 5 babies for a 30-minute session. The shoot will combine professional photographs being taken above and underwater.

Images will be available to view online approximately a week after the shoot at Underwater Art.

Each parent/guardian will be allocated access to a password protected gallery.

Images of your child will be displayed alongside pictures of other children attending the same time slot.  Photographs can be ordered securely online from Underwater Art.

The shoot costs £30 per child and £15 extra for siblings. Parents are welcome to join in the photo shoot for a fun family portrait. Payment is accepted via PayPal using the form below (you do not require a PayPal account).

To book your place, please fill in the form below and click ‘Proceed to payment’. Once on the PayPal screen, please enter the amount in the ‘Price per item’ field (£30 for one child, £45 for two, ££60 for three etc) and leave the quantity field as ‘1’.

Whilst the cost of the shoot is payable in advance, the fee is transferable if cancelled within 24 hours or if the session is unsuccessful.

Day of Shoot

Time of Shoot

Childs name

Date of Birth

Parent / Guardians name*


Telephone home:*



Swim school past or present

Please note the general health of you and your baby / any relevant past or present concerns or injuries:

I agree to adhere to the pool rules as we are guests of the establishment & be responsible for my child at all times. 2. Inform the teacher/Focusfirst of any changes or additions to the above information at the beginning of the shoot. 3. I understand that Focusfirst & the Swimming School will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whilst on the pool premises. 4. As far as I am aware, I have disclosed all information regarding the health of my child. 5. I understand that the photographic shoot booking cost is non-refundable, regardless of whether my child swims on the day or how good the resulting photographs are (a re-shoot is offered).

I also agree to the Terms and Conditions.

By ticking this box I have read and agree to the above & I have enclosed my booking fee of £30.00 per child plus £15 extra for siblings.


Photographic Permission

We may like to use one of your images on our website/ brochure or media advertising if this is consented please sign below. I hereby agree that Focusfirst Photography may use images for media/promotional or display purposes, names will not be used.

(Your name) do give permission for photos of the above to be used


To be completed on day of shoot a description of child for example colour & pattern of costume

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