I’m Harriet the founder of Baby Splash, mummy to three. I loved swimming from a very early age and have been swimming weekly since I was a baby. I then went on to swim competitively at Reading Swimming Club.

When I was 15 I took my ASA level 1 and then a few years later my level 2, swimming teachers qualification. After extensively researching the best approach for baby swimming I completed my Birthlight Qualification and have never looked back.

I absolutely love teaching, it is the best thing in the world when you watch so many children you have taught from just a few weeks old, so confidently swimming at speed through the water with not a second thought. My babies have been swimming since they were 5 weeks old and they are just amazing little swimmers. Everyone says that they are good because I am their mummy and they have to be but actually anyone with children knows that it doesn’t work like that. It has been the gentle encouragement and consistency of swimming weekly that has made them the little fish they are – It Works!

Swimming in my opinion is probably the most important life skill and I am so very proud how Baby Splash has helped so many children achieve amazing things over the past 7 years and I look forward to helping so many more in the future.


I can’t remember a time when i didn’t swim. I swam throughout my whole childhood, during my weekly lessons at the local pool, then went on to swim at Bracknell Swimming Club.

When I was 18 I started to teach swimming and went on to gain my full teachers certificate and later my parent and baby qualifications.
I have been teaching swimming for 15 years now!

I am very lucky to have a career doing something i love. I teach babies and children of all ages and abilities. Teaching babies to swim with Baby Splash is very rewarding, It is one of the best ways for parents to spend quality time together with their children whilst teaching them a very important life skill.


Hi, I’m Becca. I have recently joined the Baby Splash team and I am really enjoying it.

I am health and social care qualified and could potentially be going to university to study Children’s nursing. I currently work in a day nursery and I think teaching children to swim is one of the most important life skills to have.

I love having a relationship with both the parents and the children. This job is extremely rewarding, watching a child take their first underwater swim to their parents or a 1 year old taking their first jump in on their own!


I have been swimming with Baby Splash since January 2014 with my first daughter Scarlett. We enjoyed our lessons and the teachers were always lovely. I started lessons with my with my second daughter Matilda when she was only 6 weeks old. I felt it was a really important life skill for them to learn and I got to spend lovely, quality time with them. Knowing how important swimming and these skills could be is what made me decide to become a teacher with Baby Splash. I decided I wanted a change of career and I have always wanted to work with children so i decided this would be a great way to do it.

I really enjoy my work and the progress you see in the children each week, helping them to overcome issues and learning new things. I honestly love my job!


I have always loved the water and when our first child was born we felt one of the most important things we could teach her was how to be safe and swim in the water. We started our swimming journey with Baby Splash in 2013 and it was and still is (now with my youngest child as well) one of the things we look forward to doing the most during the week.

A couple of years after joining Baby Splash as a customer, an opportunity arose to become a teacher. I decided to grab it with both hands so that I could share both my love of swimming and knowledge of water safety with other parents and children. Being a swimming teacher with Baby Splash is very rewarding. I love seeing the excitement on the faces of new parents as they watch their  babies enjoying the water and then the pride in their faces, as that little baby turns into an independent happy swimmer a few years later.


I learned to swim when I was about 7 years of age.  There was no such thing as “Baby Swimming” then as it was a very long time ago. During my school time I was always in the school gala’s and our school house was always the winning teams. I have swam all of my life and attended most swimming classes including aerobics and aqua rumba.

When my daughter was born we lived in Spain for the early years so spent many a time in the pool. My daughter was swimming from the age of two as it was one of the most important activities that I thought she must be able to do and she is an excellent swimmer and teacher.

Several years ago I trained to be a swim teacher and have now been teaching for about 4 years. I love teaching my little children and watch them progress from babies who can only just bob about in the water to 5 year olds who can swim and really have fun.  It is very rewarding and the parents enjoy the classes as much as the children.


My name is Natalie and these are my two little boys. I have always loved swimming and a couple of years ago decided to become a swimming teacher. Baby Splash was the first company I worked for and I have been there ever since. Its great working for them, seeing all the lovely children excel at their swimming week in and week out. My boys love swimming with Baby Splash too!

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