At Baby Splash we believe that swimming with your baby is a great way for you to bond and begin to feel confident and relaxed whilst taking part in many new experiences in the water.

We provide swimming lessons for children from newborns upwards. The Baby Splash programme is split into stages based on various age ranges,. It doesn’t matter at what stage or age your little one joins us – whether they are beginners or advanced in the water you will be made to feel welcome.

Our teachers are all fully trained and experienced and each class has between 6-8 children in at a time. Our lessons take place in a number of swimming pools across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey, at various times and days of the week.

Swimming Classes

Babies develop water confidence and specific skills to move towards independent swimming through our carefully developed swim programme. It is designed so that you can join us at any time from birth through to independent swimming, so it does not matter at what stage or age your children join us.

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We offer swimming classes at pools across the South East. Our classes are aimed at children from newborn upwards and are taught by fully trained, enthusiastic teachers. Reserve a place in a class suitable for your little one at a pool close to home with our online booking form.


Every parent loves to see their little one swimming unrestricted under the water. Our photography sessions capture this moment perfectly. Find our more about the photography sessions we offer and book yourself a slot online.

Baby Splash is passionate about delivering a course that is going to introduce your baby to the water in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. Our aim is to increase your confidence so that you enjoy this unique and special experience with your baby.

Baby Splash aims to teach babies not to panic if they should fall into water, to kick to the surface and either hold on to the side or float on their backs. Baby Splash aims to teach skills that not only show your baby how to love the water, but to be confident and respectful of it.

Through each stage babies build on confidence and gentle progression. The Baby Splash program is based on play, word association, popular nursery rhymes and lots of fun.

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